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Professional Garage Builders Calgary

Are you thinking about building a garage but have no idea where to start? YYC Garage Builder is the trusted garage builder for the entire Calgary area! Our goal is to make the entire garage building process move as smoothly as possible.


Garage Builders Calgary

YYC Garage Builder Calgary understands that undertaking a detached garage construction project is an expensive and complicated process.

Based on our years of experience designing, permitting and building in the residential marketplace, we want to provide a full turn-key service so that you get a complete garage build, not just four walls and a roof and you are left to figure out the rest on your own!

Call our team today and let us build the garage of your dreams!

10 + 10 + Years

Garage Builder Contractor in Calgary City

Permits, Plans and Getting the project off on the right foot. The crew at YYC Garage Builder handles everything so you can have a stress-free build process.

Garage Builders Calgary team
Why Us


We specialize in building custom detached garages and garage suites in Calgary City and its surroundings.

You can trust our professional and experienced team to complete your garage project(s) with the highest quality and it’s our promise to exceed your expectations.

Our project managers are always available and work closely with you to make sure your garage project is even better than you imagined.



Best Garage Builders Calgary: Creating the Perfect Space for Your Vehicles and More.


Single Car Garage 14’x20′. Customization is always available.
Detached two-car garage sheds that add usable space, beauty, and value to their properties.
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Double Car Garage 20’x20′. Customization is always available.
Detached two-car garage sheds that add usable space, beauty, and value to their properties.
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Triple Car Garage 30’x24′. Customization is always available.
Detached three-car garage sheds that add usable space, beauty, and value to their properties
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Our Process

Our process is 100% transparent. We believe in a process that makes sense and makes things easy for our clients. 


Tell us about your project

Looking for garage builders in Calgary? YYC Garage Builder is at your service. We listen to our customers. Contact Us and tell us a little bit about your requirements and how we can help you. We are more than happy to help or direct you to someone who can.


Initial phone call and a quick estimate

We will schedule a quick phone call between you and one of our Project Managers to discuss the details of your new garage project and we may ask you a few questions to make sure we have an understanding of your project. We can usually give you a quick estimation over the phone to help you understand your costs and budget for the project upfront.


On Site meeting

Our team will come to you and do a walk-through of the space or site project and review in person with you all the details of the project and answer any queries you may have.



With the details of your project now understood, we will provide you with a proposal for your review which will include the scope of work, the quoted amount for the project, a project timeline, and the next steps when you are ready to proceed.



No matter the size of the project, YYC Garage Builder ensure we are both in full agreement with the scope of work, the price and all details of the project in a formal contract so you know what is to be included and expected. Once construction starts, we will be available every step of the way to ensure your project is completed smoothly and just how you expect it to be.

Looking for trusted garage builders in Calgary?

Best garage builder Calgary. Projects will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Secure your place in line today!


How much will it cost to build a garage in Calgary?

The cost of building a garage in Calgary varies depending on several factors such as the size, materials, and features of the garage. However, the average cost of building a standard detached garage in Calgary is between $21,000 to $155,000. Most people spend $22,000 to $47,000 on this project.

Here is a breakdown of some of the factors that can affect the cost of building a garage in Calgary:

Size of the Garage:

The size of the garage is one of the primary factors that determine its cost. Larger garages cost more to build than smaller ones due to the additional materials and labour required.


The materials used in constructing the garage can also impact its cost. For instance, a garage built with high-quality materials such as brick, stone, or steel will be more expensive than one made with standard materials such as wood.


The type of foundation used in constructing the garage can also affect its cost. A concrete foundation is more durable and expensive than a gravel foundation.

Plumbing and Electrical:

If you plan to install plumbing and electrical systems in your garage, it will add to the overall cost of construction.

Permits and Fees:

You will need to obtain a building permit from the City of Calgary to build a garage. The cost of obtaining a permit varies depending on the size and location of the garage.

The cost of building a garage in Calgary can vary widely depending on several factors. We are the best garage builders in Calgary. Contact us to get a free estimation.

5 Benefits of Detached Garages in Calgary

There are many benefits to having a detached garage in Calgary, including the extra storage space, the added security, and the increased property value. If you’re thinking of adding a detached garage to your home, here are some of the key benefits you can expect:

Extra Storage Space

A detached garage provides extra storage space for your vehicles and other belongings. It can be used to store lawn equipment, tools, bicycles, and other items that would otherwise clutter your house. With a detached garage, you can free up space in your home, and your vehicles can be kept safe and secure from harsh weather conditions.

Added Security & Privacy

A detached garage provides additional privacy for homeowners. It can be used as a workspace or an area for recreational activities without disrupting the main house. This feature is especially beneficial if you have family members who require additional space to pursue their hobbies or work from home.

Increased Property Value

A detached garage in Calgary adds value to your property. A garage that is separate from your house not only provides additional storage space but also increases your property’s curb appeal. Homebuyers appreciate the extra storage space that a detached garage provides, and this can help to increase the overall value of your property.


A detached garage is a versatile space that can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can use it as a workshop, an art studio, a gym, or a playroom for your children. The options are endless, and you can create a space that meets your unique needs and preferences.

Reduced Noise and Fumes

Detached garage reduces the amount of noise and fumes that enter your home. This is especially beneficial if you have a workshop or a vehicle that produces a lot of noise or fumes. A detached garage can help to minimize the noise and fumes, creating a more peaceful and comfortable living space for you and your family.